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Aug 4, 2014

Get free recharge from Wechat Android Application

Earn Rs. 60 free mobile recharge from WeChat Android Application .Here I am sharing the trick to get Rs.60 free recharge.

WeChat is again back with free recharge of upto Rs.60 named "Friends n Rewards offer" running between 4-13 August.

Here are the simple steps to get Rs.60 free recharge from WeChat
1.Send stickers in a group daily for next 10 days from sticker gallery.
2.You can send it it in a new group or in an existing one.
You can start it between 4th-13th August.
On your 1st Day,get Rs 10 as your balance on every subsequent day get Rs 5
It means 1st Day=10 Rs 
             2nd Day=+5 Rs 
              9th Day=+5 Rs
             10th Day=10 Rs       
Send stickers on all 10 days,get Rs 60 recharge.
To check your balance-Go to "recharge">"My Balance"
Balance will be updated with a delay of 1 hr.
You can redeem your balance between 14th-20th August.
So friends that's it enjoy the offer from Wechat and keep visiting our site for more new offers.
Have a great day.
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Aug 1, 2014

Simple Ways To Root Android Devices

Android is a best operating system for a mobile devices for those who love to customize and develop,to make it easier you have to root your android device.Today I am going to tell you simple ways to root Android devices.this is similar just like jailbreak in an  Apple mobile devices.Rooting is just process that allows users to control over the android OS system files to use the whole system and can able to run special types of apps which needs root permissions.With root access you can manually deny app permissions.disable bloatware,enable tethering even this function has been disabled.
Note : You will lost you warranty after root your device,you can ‘unroot’ you device or update new firmware .rooting will not actually damage your hardware.and don’t forget to keep backup(Gmail,Call log,Contacts,and other important data).Make sure your device battery level is more than 60%.
Things you have to do before start setup process
On Computer
Download and install JAVA JDK
And download Android SDK 

On Android DeviceGo To Setting > Applications > Development and tap check box on USB Debugging
After this we are ready to enter further steps!
Presenting two Methods to root your Android Device, Follow steps Carefully:)
Rooting with SuperOneClick
Here we are going to root Android Device with this SuperOneClick program ,this supports many android devices,If your device doesn’t support try another method I’m gonna tell you after this
Now Download SuperOneClick From HERE
After complete download ,run SuperOneClick.exe

Make Sure Your Android Device Is Connected To Pc
Click on the Root button on the top left side to start rooting process.
Wait this process will take some min,if you got any problem you should check this software compatibility for your device from XDA Developers forum or try second method.
After finished processing u will see a message on the window ” Root install has completed! Would you like to run a test”
Restart your android device
Open google PlayStore ,Download  Superuser and install if you can’t see Superuser application on  menu list.or you can download “Root browser”, “Root explorer” etc from PlayStore to access the system files of your device.
If this method doesn’t work for your device then follow next method.

Rooting with Z4Root
Download Z4Root.apk  from HERE
Transfer this file to your Device SD card
Install it and Open application
Click on root button and your device has been rooted now

Hope one of these will work fine in your android device
So do you like this trick ? Do comment your views on it.
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Connect To The Internet On PC via Android

Connect To The Internet On PC via Android

Hey friends I’m so hurry to give you really simple but so much useful networking tips to Connect To The Internet On PC via Android  as modem.We are still unknown about what our android device can do for us.Android has became our best friend of this time.We do chat,play games,watch videos and enjoy music,and lots of other official works.Beside this today I’m going to tell you something new ,how we can use our android device’s GPRS/EDGE/3G  or even Wi-Fi signal in our PC/Laptop.This is mostly helpful when we are go for holiday or any research and there’s no Wi-Fi signal or any network for laptop.
Don’t worry guys it’s not so hard to connect to the internet on PC via android. You don’t need to download any 3rd party application or any big knowledge about this.Its a piece of cake . You will thank me later i am sure so here we go. .
Disconnect your PC internet connection to get new connection from your android device.
Here are the simple steps to connect to the internet on PC via android
1.Quickly Turn on the data connection on your Android device (GPRS/EDGE/3G) or Wi-Fi just for test 
2.Now connect your android device to your PC Using USB data cable.
3.go to Android device Setting > Wireless & Network > Tethering and portable hotspot
4.You will see USB tethering and Check on the Box as below.
Screen Shots

5.Go to notification bar and confirm if your device is showing the Blue USB icon.
6.If your Device drivers are installed correctly on your PC,It will show internet connected.
Steps are over guys you are ready to serve internet via android.And you can see there is another option also “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot” its enables your android device as a Wi-Fi router.
Have fun!
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Jul 29, 2014

Easy Tricks To Compress Your Bulky Digital Camera Images.

Friends these days everyone uses digital cameras,smartphone to shoot pictures but when we come to upload it to web with a slow internet connection then its too annoying just wait wait & wait .....
So here i come with some tricks to make your path easier to compress those high-def inages as per your requirement without loosing too much quality.

There are too ways to do it as follows :

1.Compress images online with Compressnow

Just head over to compressnow and follow these steps
- Upload your image to compressnow (it'll upload witihin nano seconds)
- Select compression level
- Just take a look at compress result if you are satisfied then click on download button at bottom.

2.Compress images with Advanced jpeg compressor

Just download this tool select your image and compress your images but i personally use compressnow because it gives me good results

I hope guys this will helps you..
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Jul 28, 2014

Welcome to SoupTricks.Com

Hello guys,

Welcome to our new blog over world wide web,SoupTricks.Com is all about exploring new tricks for our audience.
We provide here various tricks related to android,windows,ios,recharge offers etc and also we provide various telecom news and reviews about new gadgets in the tech world.

So guys stay tuned with SoupTricks.Com and have fun with us.
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